An Aesthetic Black Framed Mirror … Classy!

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Black Bathroom Vanities Mirror

Not accessory for a penny, the black framed mirror invests the bathroom and sets the tone of its decoration . The pro of interior architecture have understood and do not hesitate to choose original mirrors to sublimate this place in which we spend, for the most part, a lot of time … In its original version, round or square, the mirror is also practical, backlit to better admire, or tablet to put his beauty products.

Without dangling, this accessory as useful as aesthetic, gives style to the bathroom. Elegant with leather finishes, graphic with black lines, futuristic backlit version. There are mirrors for all tastes. And if the trend is roundness and accumulation, see how the pro decoration uses it in their renovation projects.

Echoing the artists’ studios, this pair of mirrors takes up the black lines of the metal canopies. Extending even as a towel rail on the sides of the vanity unit.  Blue walls, graphic cement tiles, wooden furniture, the atmosphere of this bathroom is soothing and a bit Scandinavian . In the washbasin corner, behind a low wall, the round mirror, a mix of light and darker wood, contrasts with the shape and bluish pattern of the cement tiles. Practical, we can even hide some beauty products!


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