Bat Chandelier To Achieve Gothic Decoration

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Victorian Chandelier

Bat Chandelier – Decorating your room with a Gothic style or theme does not necessarily mean that everything must be black. There are different versions and elements of the Gothic style. That is not limited to teenagers who have emotional white pasty faces with black nail polish, hair dye, and clothes or the creepy Addams family. Decorate your room with a Gothic style that you can embrace and enjoy.

Black is usually the most common color in Gothic decoration. However, other colors can improve or replace black. Use red, burgundy, dark purple, dark green, blue or chocolate brown. Metallic colors, such as silver or gold, can add interest and contrast with deeper and darker colors. Use colors that complement your Gothic style, if you like vampires, medieval times or general darkness.

Accessories and details are pulled from the boardroom to create the gothic atmosphere you’re looking for. Hang gargoyles, antique mirrors or intricate candle sconces on the walls. Replace lighting fixtures with black or gold chandeliers worthy of your favorite vampire or horror movie. Lamps and chandeliers can include dark colored glass or statues of hands that hold the light source. Crosses, skulls, spiders, bats, and coffins are other forms that can be included in the work, pillows or small storage boxes throughout the room.

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