Bathroom Mirrors Decorations

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Rectangle Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors is a feature that instantly captures the eye. It is at eye level and reflects part or all of the movement in the bathroom. An ordinary bathroom mirror contributes to a sterile environment in the bathroom. When you want to give your bathroom a little visual contrast, start by decorating the mirror.


If you have a smaller bathroom mirrors, take it down, frame it and hang it up again. Working out frames is available at flea markets and second hand stores, and you can use them to give your bathroom an elegant or Victorian aesthetic. Even looking for a simple streamlined frame and painting it in a bright color can enhance the visual impression of your bathroom mirror. For a false wooden frame on a large mounted mirror, glue strips of wood siding to the boundaries of the mirror itself. You can color the wood or leave it raw, depending on your settings.

Fake Plants

Use hot glue to attach the false plants or simply wedge them behind the mirror frame. Some example silk flowers placed in the corners of your bathroom mirrors or ivy hung around the frame. Use cup hooks attached corners of your mirror to hang up swags of fabric. Choose fabric that matches the decor in your bathroom, and hang them up to soften the edges of an unframed mirror. Collect swags of fabric with ribbons and bows for an elaborate look. For a simpler look, choose fabric that is a single color, but that complements the color of your towels and your tiles.

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