Bed With Drawers Twin: Deal For Apartments With Limited Space

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Bed Twin With Drawers Open

Bed with drawers twin, This model is a compressed version of the above Messina, which is produced here in a single man’s bed. An edition that holds the same minimalist style as the original Messina bed frame. An extremely inviting design that will fit well into any modern home. It is ideal for apartments with limited space. The bed frame can also be used for holiday homes or colonial gardens, where there must either be overnight guests or where the space is scarce.

The bed frame is available in a white painted lighthouse, which can both be a very neutral and bulletproof design, where the bed with the right surroundings can also slip out and form a prominent unit in the room. It contains two large drawers, which are pulled out under the bed. There is good space in the drawers and they are easy to maneuver. Complete your bed with a nice bed frame with drawers so your bedroom gets personality.

This bed frame has 28 molded slats, 5 of which are adjustable. The bed frame can also be ordered with elevation lamella if you have an elevation bed. The interior height of the bed frame is 16 cm and the distance from the bottom of the bed frame to the floor is 24 cm. A bed drawer can be purchased so that you can easily and neatly utilize the space under the bed frame for storage.

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