Better Durability Bunk Beds Metal

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Bunk Bed Kids Metal

Bunk beds metal – Beyond the fact that the bunk beds often make the eyes of our budding alpinists shine, this equipment especially allows to gain a considerable place in the rooms of our children. Do you plan to remodel your children’s room? And why not opt ​​for a bunk bed? Bunk bed with a structure in wood or metal? Warm, the wood is heavy, but brings more robustness and a better durability to the bed. Wooden bunk beds are also considered more stable.

Choose solid wood panels, such as fir trees for example. Lighter, the metal brings a touch of modernity to the room of your children. Opt for a bed with a safety barrier: the installation of a barrier is essential to protect the one of your children who will sleep in height. It must extend from one side to the other of the bed, over the entire length. As a reminder, the top bed is not recommended for children under 6 years.

Prefer a large space between the two beds: this space must be large enough to prevent the sleeping child from bumping his head while standing up. Check the available space between the top bed and the ceiling: there must be a gap of at least 60 cm between the second mattress and the ceiling. To prevent your child from bumping his head while standing up. Choose the bed location, especially in a sub-slope room.

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