Building Steps For Bed Platform With Drawers

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Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

A set of bed platform with drawers allows you to take advantage of and organize more than 25 square feet of storage space. Although you can spend hundreds in a prefabricated bed frame with drawers under the bed, building your own at half the cost is a project within the reach of most beginners and intermediate carpenters. These plans are for a full-size frame or double platform with drawers underneath, but you can build it for any size mattress by adjusting the wood sizes.

Obtain two sheets of 7 1/2 inch wide plywood, one 24 inches long and one 33 inches long. He put L-shaped with the shortest sheet at the end against the longest. Lock them in place with three nails. Repeat step one with two more plywood sheets of the same size, construction of a second L shape. Connect the L shapes to form a rectangular frame: the walls of the drawer. Use three nails per corner to stick them.

Set the 25 inches by the 33-inch plywood sheet on top of the frame. Connect with a nail in each corner, driven through the leaf and frame underneath. Reinforce with two nails per side, evenly spaced between the nails of the corner. Flip the drawer of the box on top. Attach a drawer or pull cabinet to the center of an inch 33 sheet of 7 1/2 inch plywood. Repeat steps one to five two more times, for the construction of two more drawers. Place the drawers in the gaps between the rafters of the frame bed so that the attraction is out.

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