Bunk Beds With Drawers: Practical!

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Bunk Beds With Box

Nothing better than a bunk beds with drawers to fit two sleeping spaces in a minimum of space. Practical, but above all very functional, the bunk beds take up height in the children’s room. To each his style to sleep closer to the stars … When children have a common room, there is always the solution of bunk beds to save space . Classic with two beds placed one on the other without much fuss, or on the contrary a little more inventive with drawers, niches or office space, there are several styles of bunk beds.

With storage, shelves or even wardrobes, some 2-in-1 beds are particularly functional and optimize space. Equipped with a ladder or steps, wood, melamine or steel, each his style for a cozy room, cocooning or industrial. It becomes possible for each child to create their own corner and customize it as you please, despite living with your brother or sister.

For security reasons and even if the mezzanine beds are always equipped with a safety barrier , it is preferable to opt for this type of bed from a certain age. On average, it is not recommended to choose bunk beds for children under 6 years old. Among its advantages, besides that of saving space, the bunk beds are very accessible.

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