Chandelier Definition: Elegant For A Unique Interior

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Chandelier Definition

Chandelier definition – To be even more attractive and elegant, each interior requires a special accent. This accent can be a design chandelier. A funky chandelier made of old knives, forks and spoons creates a simple lighting element with dramatic consequences. To do so, start with a bicycle rim and drill a number of holes along the edge. Experiment with space as you begin to bind to create different effects. Drill holes in the handle of each piece of silverware and use wire s hooks to attach them to the bicycle rim.

You can make a differentiated chandelier using different size rims, or bend the rim in different shapes. Create a hanger by extending the wires from the top ring to a hook hanging down from the ceiling and place a hanging bulb in the center of the chandelier.

Chandeliers constructed from branches bring an elegant natural element to your house. This type of chandelier has lights wired in the branches and when the hang seems to hover over your dining table or ceiling in a room. Branch chandeliers are best hung at a relatively low height above a seating area or table. Examine our gallery with great pictures and let yourself be inspire by the elegance of each unique design.

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