Chic Bar Cart Styling In Home

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Bar Cart Glass Styling

Do you want to organize a corporate reception or a private event? Cocktail bar cart styling or buffet, which formula is the most suitable? Both aim to bring people together in a relaxed atmosphere to chat and eat together. We will see what their differences are and what solution to choose according to your reception. A cocktail has the particularity of standing up and without cutlery.

Guests enjoy small light items such as verrines, canap├ęs and petits-fours. In most cases, a person comes to serve the guests with a tray. This type of chic reception is ideal to promote exchanges between your guests. The guests can move, eat according to their desires and chat with each other.

The dinner cocktail is more suitable for company receptions , following a day of meetings or a seminar, because it is an elegant event in which your guests will taste refined dishes. The menu is complete and the formula creates in addition a real moment of relaxation. The aperitif cocktail is recommended when it is served before meals. The rooms offered to guests are fewer and lighter. For weddings, this is often the formula chosen because it is followed by a more festive meal.

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