Cleaning Tips Of Oil Rubbed Bronze Mirrors Bathroom

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Ancient Bronze Mirror

Oil Rubbed Bronze Mirrors Bathroom – Oiled tanned accessories appeal for its dark glow and old world look. The oiled bronze coating is relatively delicate and needs care in cleaning. Never use strong or abrasive cleaning solutions. They will consume through the finish or scratch the facade. Maintenance cleaning should only consist of rubbing it down from time to time and removing moisture.

Wipe the surface with a soft dry cloth. This maintenance cleaning is sufficient for accessories such as door handles and light switch plates that often hold grease on hands, but not water. Do not rub hard or try to polish dirt. This will gradually polish the oil finish. For appliances that have an exposure to water on a regular basis, clean the surface up to date with a damp cloth and then dry immediately. You should never allow the standing water in oil rubbed the bronze or water spots will develop.

Moisten a soft, clean cloth with mineral oil. Clean the surface to remove the clinging residue or as maintenance lubrication once a month. Continue with a dry cloth to remove excess oil and shine. Again, do not polish the surface or remove the finish. Coat of oil rubbed the bronze with wax for furniture, once every two or three months. Apply a generous amount and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then let it sit for five minutes and clean the garbage (it does not improve).

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