Create An Original Glass Bottle Chandelier

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Bottle chandelier – Take a glass carboy of around fifteen liters or, alternatively, a bottle of the same material. In the second case it is preferable to choose one of a particular shape: this will give a better result. Then remove the neck of the bottle: this is the part needed to make the chandelier. Arm yourself now with a common wheel cutter. And after marking with a large pencil, designate the cutting path and proceed with the incision. At this stage it is important to remember to always wear work gloves and to pay the utmost attention during the entire duration of the operation. It is very easy to hurt yourself.

Proceed by dividing into two parts. To do this you need to heat the incision with the flame of a candle. Repeat this step several times to make sure the area is warm. Subsequently dip the carboy in cold water. The change in temperature will cause the neck to separate from the base. Now you can take care of the actual realization of the personalized chandelier. Smooth the cutting surface with carborundum glass abrasive and make sure you do not miss any areas. This step is very important to make sure that the glass chandelier diy is not sharp.

Insert a metal lamp holder with a porcelain ring inside the neck, remembering to put a flexible clip in it. This is because the weight of the chandelier will be supported exclusively by the power cable. The time has come to introduce the light bulb inside the chandelier. Always keep in mind to buy one compatible with the diameter of the carboy. It is important that it is neither excessively large nor excessively small. Good job, the new diy bottle light fixture was done.

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