DIY Built In Bathroom Mirror With Shelf

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Western Mirrors For Bathroom

Bathroom Mirror with Shelf – Recessed medicine cabinets can reflect doors that provide a way to store toiletries in the bathroom. That is without intruding into the space inside the bathroom. When installing a built-in cupboard, you must anchor it properly on the wall so that it does not fall out. Installing a wooden frame inside the wall provides a structure that can anchor the kit. You may find obstructions in the wall that require you to select a new location.

Retain the first-aid kit against the wall in the exact location where you want to install it. Mark the location of any posts that are located in the traced area. Using a stud locator to locate the wood poles. Cut a small hole inside the area you trace, using the plaster knife. Cut through the wall along the line you drew, using the plaster knife. Measure the dimensions of the wall opening and cut 2 by 4s to fit along the perimeter of the opening, using the circular saw.

Drive screws through the wall at the edges of the perimeter, anchoring screws in the panels to hold them in place. Place the medicine box in the opening in the wall. Open the door and car cabinet screws through the sides, top and bottom of the cabinet and on the boards anchored inside the wall.

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