Good Design Bar Height Outdoor Table

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Bar Height Outdoor Patio Set Ideas

Bar height outdoor table standard help design and plan your renovations. The standard heights also provide to facilitate the matching and congruence of the chairs to your tables and counters. The heights can change according to your needs and your size. For example, children’s tables are not as tall as adult tables.

A standard countertop is 36 inches high; this includes kitchen countertops and counter top tables in restaurants. The counter is slightly lower than the top of a bar counter that measures in by 42 inches tall. Most kitchen furniture measures approximately 34 inches tall. The additional two inches comes from the thickness of the countertop mounted in the cabinet. The difference between a counter and bar is easy to explain: bars are higher so customers can stand up and eat in them.

A typical table made for adults is 30 inches tall, although some tables are larger or smaller. A general average for the height of the table is between 28 and 30 inches. At this height, the average person sits comfortably down with the feet touching the floor, in the medium-sized chair. The table is at the perfect height for a server to serve food without getting too high or too low.

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