Hanging Brushed Nickel Drum Chandelier

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Crystal Drum Chandelier Pottery Barn

Brushed nickel drum chandelier that is not too heavy or too fancy will complement most bedroom decorations. Hanging a chandelier above a bed is not too complicated provided you follow the instructions implicitly when disconnected and wiring.


Inspect the wiring in your bedroom to determine if you need to call a professional electrician to install wiring. Measure the height of your bedroom ceiling to determine the size of the chandelier to hang.  Turn off the power to the circuit that operates the luminaire in your bedroom. Confirm the circuit is off by turning on and off the switches in the room. Remove the electrical box from the ceiling fixture.  Mount the fan bracket inside the hole. Lay down over the hole so that it rests flat along plaster with beams at each end.

Pull the fan brace with a wrench. Turn braces with wrench to ensure the teeth are tight in the studs. Insert electrical wiring from the ceiling through the hole in the metal electrical cabinet. Adjust the height of the chandelier by removing the chain links before attaching the fixture to the ceiling. Thread the chandelier wires through the last chain link and then into the mounting bar. Wrap the ground wire to the earth screw in the electrical cabinet and tighten the screw. Carefully place the wires in the electrical box. Slide the chandelier top cover over the chain links and hold it tightly against the ceiling. Tighten the collar. Turn on the power circuit back on which connects to the bedroom.

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