How To Build Bed Frame With Storage Drawers

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Under Bed Storage

Bed Frame With Storage Drawers – People have been using them under their beds as storage space for years. Building drawers below can provide not only storage space, but can replace a part of your closet or dresser. This can create more space in your home and bedroom. With some patience and accurate measurement, you can create a basic framework for your mattress, as well as a collection of organized drawers.

Remove your mattress from the bed frame. Measure the frame of the bed to know what measures you need to create for your storage drawers and bed frame. Remove the current frame from the bed and keep it aside in case you need more measurements. Obtain the box drawer first. Use four pieces of wood planks for the sides, two smaller ones for the front and rear and a little larger for the two sides. Screw these four pieces together, one by one. Start by screwing the bottom piece smaller the left piece of the frame, then screw the top piece of wood in this.

Make sure the sections that will support the drawers so you can slide in and out. Use wooden planks that are about half the size of five large frame parts. Place these inside the frame where the drawers will be. Reframe the wood with the drawer of the tracks and screw them. Next, fix the runners drawer to the drawers you created earlier. Place the new mattress on the frame with storage drawers.

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