How To Convert The Cast Iron Bed Frame

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Antique Reproduction Iron Beds Design

Cast iron bed frame has been around for hundreds of years. You could have an old cast iron bed of irregular size that cannot fit a modern mattress. Or a modern cast iron bed in which you have invested a lot of money and suddenly the need to convert. This type of beds can be turned upwards. Such as from a double with a queen, using the easily available conversion units. The beauty of a cast iron bed is that the iron structure lends itself easily to welding. So, its conversion options are limited only by its ability to work with metals. You will be able to convert the bed with a converter kit if you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Read the instructions that come with the converter kit. You will have to determine how you will connect that particular kit to your bed frame. Remove the mattress from the bed and remove the head and foot, if necessary. Fix the converter kit to the head and foot and fix it with screws and plates, as required. For some beds, especially those of very advanced age, it may be necessary to add table slats to the headboard in order to reinforce the joint.

Set the center lane and additional rails or strips that you want to add to the frame. Secure bolt securely and secure the rails and make sure the center rail is firmly anchored to the ground to ensure even weight distribution. Make the necessary adjustments after placing the new mattress in the frame.

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