How To Determine The Age Of Antique Metal Bed Frame

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Vintage Simmons Metal Bed Frame

Antique Metal Bed Frame – In the late 1800s, iron bed manufacturers encouraged consumers to “war on dust, disease or parasites” by using a more hygienic iron bed. In addition to a “more hygienic condition,” iron bed frames offer elegant consumers beautiful designs, which many wooden beds could not compete with. Since iron is a tough material that is less subject to breakage, many of these beds can be found in antique stores, just as the city capsizes today. If you have found an old potential, you should study it closely to determine the date.

Look at the metal involved in the creation of the bed. The Victorians used mostly hand-made cast-iron products for their home until the start of World War I. This included bed frames, headboards, and stand-up boards. Look through antique stores for bed frames in similar styles. Bed bases made in similar styles can date from the same period of time. Some of the plan styles that rose to distinction when iron beds were successful include the Victorian form of the mid-1800s.

Examine the bed for a print, mark or seal that identifies the manufacturer. This brand may include a manufacturing date. Look at the structure of the bed. Antique iron beds were built in the frame. Typically, they consist of a header and footboard and side rails. The side rails connected to the head plate and the feet with hooks instead of brackets.

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