How To Hang The Oval Bathroom Mirrors

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Small Oval Mirror

The oval bathroom mirrors are an easy way to make a small room look bigger, and you can add a bit of dimension and elegance to any room. However, they are usually much heavier than most images or other pieces of art, and therefore require special care when hanging. Oval shaped mirrors, in particular, must be hung correctly to prevent them from falling off. Luckily, you can avoid 7 years of bad luck by following these simple steps to ensure that your oval mirror hangs correctly and safely.

Determine where you will hang the mirror. Use a study finder to locate wall studs in the area you want to place the mirror. Check these. If there are feet available, make sure you have sturdy anchors. Have an assistant hold the mirror up to the wall and trace around the mirror very lightly with a pencil. Set the mirror aside.

Installation of mirror clips on the bottom of the oval and on both sides, making sure to anchor securely. Do not tighten the screws. Clear the pencil lines you have drawn on the wall. Place the mirror on the mirror clips that are already on the wall, and install a fourth clip on the top of the oval. Have your assistant hold the mirror while tightening the screws, making sure that the mirror clips are holding the mirror correctly.

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