How To Restore An Antique Iron Beds

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Victorian Cast Iron Bed

With its elaborate scrollwork, detailed spindles and beautiful bed-bolt cover, antique iron beds can bring back the enchantment of yesteryear – after you recover it. But before doing so, measure the length of the bed to verify that your modern mattress fits the frame. If the bed frame was built between 100 and 150 years ago, it is most likely that you will have spare bed rails in a store that specializes in old bed replacement parts. Because antique beds were independently manufactured, there are no standard sizes for bed rails or sizes were established. More twin antique beds were typically 72 inches long, compared to today’s double mattress, which is 75 inches long.

Examine the bed in order to ensure there are no rusted pieces through. If you find any, change them if necessary. Measure the side rails, as you may need to replace these together with the connection hardware to fit a modern mattress. You can find most of the pieces you need for antique beds from a variety of online bed restoration stores. If the frame has corroded holes through it, have it serviced by an expert welder. Unless you have all the pieces of broken medallions, which can be repaired with a two-piece cold-weld metal product, you will need to replace them. At the level of the head and foot boards, add felt to the bottom of the feet.

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