How To Support Chandelier Bar Las Vegas

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Chandelier bar Las Vegas are on the heavy side, they often need more than just the strength of their decorative chain and ceiling to support it; Even the electric box will not support your chandelier . Falling chandeliers not only present a clear danger to you, your family and your guests, but also end up broken in pieces, a distressing situation for such an expensive lighting element. Protect your roof, your chandelier and, most importantly, yourself and your guests by properly supporting your heavy chandelier.


Remove the electrical box from the hole in the ceiling where you will hang the chandelier. Tighten the wool box from the hole with a flat bar, if nailed in place; Otherwise, tighten the screws with your screwdriver. Turn fan bracket’s hexagon-shaped bar to shorten it; keep turning it until it reaches the shortest length possible. Insert it into the roof hole one side at a time. Resting fan stays feet on the invisible side of the roof and centers it over the hole.

Turn the jumper again. This time, it should grow until it digs its pins in the studs on either side of it. When you can no longer switch off the brace by hand, use a wrench. Mount the electrical box that came with the fan brace according to the manufacturer’s instructions to complete your chandelier bar installation.

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