Ideas Of Bar Height Kitchen Table

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There are many uses for bar height kitchen table, but there are also many different heights of counters and bars, and their proper stools can get confused. And then check the height of your counter or top bar before buying any kitchen stools. For a more casual kitchen, or simply an alternative to a standard height kitchen table, raised kitchen tables are available. Kitchen tables similar to tables in the publication can be raised free height or height of the bar. The stool seat you choose should be 12 to 15 inches below the top of the tabletop, but never more than 30 inches high from a typical bar stool.

A typical bar is approximately 40 inches to 42 inches high. And then for such a bar height, a bar stool should be approximately 30 inches high on the top of the seat. A breakfast bar raised in a kitchen or a bar-height table will require bar height stools so that people can eat and drink comfortably.

In comparison, kitchen tables are usually only 28 to 30 inches high, so kitchen chair seats are usually only 18 inches off the ground. While perfectly comfortable at a dining table, a kitchen chair is too short for kitchen countertops or bars.

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