Ideas To Hang 5 Light Chandelier

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Best 5 Light Chandelier Design

5 light chandelier – Chandeliers are usually hung in the center of an insert panel in a coffered ceiling, either in the center of the room or offset through a dining table or other characteristic room. Choose the panel near the original lamp box for easier installation. Turn off the electricity in the bracket through the panel of the main circuit breaker. Activate the switch in the room and off again check that the electricity to the existing lamp in its coffered ceiling is off.

Set your ladder below the existing lamp. Make sure the ladder hinges are fully extended and on a level surface. Remove the existing lamp and the electrical box that is screwed to the beam. Carefully pull the power cables from the back of the box. Set the old electrical box to the side.

Step back and look at where the lamp hole is located in terms of both the room as a whole and the paneled insert panel. When the panels are finished in wood, it is best to mount the new lamp in the same place. When working with drywall, the appliance can be moved slightly if you want to center on the panel or in the room, but it will have to be patched drywall.

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