Ingenious Bedroom Sets With Drawers Under Bed

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Ashley Furniture Bedroom

Bedroom sets with drawers under bed – We never have enough storage in a house is not it! So why not take advantage of the space under the bed, after all it’s a lost space. Many bed models come with storage drawers. It’s always a good option for storing your sheets, for example. The higher the bed is, the more storage you have. An ingenious solution is to build a platform bed yourself.

If yours is higher, let your imagination speak! You will only have to order a storage box under bed or several, which will allow you to place for example, linen, pillows, sheets or duvets, to stay in the theme of bedding. But we can also put toys for example, when it is a child’s room, as well as winter business placed in vacuum covers.

These are just suggestions, of course, for you to choose what elements you would like to fit in this new space. With these tips, you can probably further optimize your storage, emptying a little cupboards, in which you can place other objects and belongings still. All is well to exploit all the empty places and out of sight, so as not to clutter your rooms of course. Perfect to hide the clutter of teens!

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