Instructions For The Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

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Split Queen Adjustable Bed

Adjustable Metal Bed Frame – The only piece of furniture absolutely every home has a bed. And more times than not, which means it has a bed frame. The frame of the bed is the four-piece metal structure on which the box spring rests. Most modern bed frames come as adjustable units that allow multiple size mattresses, double all the way up to king size. Setting up and adjusting a metal bed frame is a simple task if you know the proper steps.

Place the bent support bars on the floor at the desired place on the bed. Open the bars by pulling the articulated bars at a 90-degree angle. Connect the sides of the frame together. A bar will have small circular tabs, while the game bar will have receiving slots. Slide the tabs into the corresponding slots. Next, pull the tab on the smaller end of the slot, holding it in place. Choose the slots that match the size of the mattress you are using. Most adjustable frames with capacity from twin to queen size.

Fix the central support. This is especially important if the mattress is double or larger. The center support must be placed across the width in the center of the adjustable bed structure. It is fixed with a simple locking nut and bolt. Tighten the nuts by hand and then use an adjustable wrench to securely fix it. Place the mattress centered on the frame of the bed. Press on the mattress to test all connections before sleeping all night in bed.

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