Luxury Bar Cart Ikea Collection To Inspire You

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Gold Bar Cart Color

We all secretly dream of a large kitchen including a luxury bar cart ikea. Such a bar where you and your friends can hang on for hours. But unfortunately we are not all blessed with so many square meters. Fortunately, there are nowadays lots of nice bar tables for sale that are also incredibly nice in the room. Especially if you live in Amsterdam, Utrecht or another big city, having a bar is virtually impossible.

Life consists of settling for less, but that doesn’t always mean less fun. You may have seen them pass by on Pinterest, from those cute golden carts, called Bar Carts. You can store your alcohol stock and beautiful glasses on these cute golden carts. At a buffet, which is a real meal, the guests are seated. The dishes are presented on a table where the guests come to serve themselves.

The dishes are complete and varied: raw vegetables, salty cake, charcuterie, cold meat, cheese, dessert. The trend is also to Dips, these little vegetables to soak in the sauces (mayonnaise, cocktail, herbs). The goal is to offer dishes for all tastes and allow your friends, family or colleagues to have a choice. The buffet creates a warm and friendly atmosphere .

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