Perfect Backlit Bathroom Mirror

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Backlit Led Bathroom Mirror Shapes

The backlit bathroom mirror plays a vital role in your bathroom. It enlarges the space but can also illuminate this room. This is why preferring an illuminating mirror as a simple mirror. The illuminating mirror has a lighting system specially designed to illuminate the face and remove shadows. It allows to have a better vision of colors and imperfections. Illuminated mirrors also feature anti-fogging properties, further improving visibility and avoiding wiping the mirror or waiting for the fumes to dissipate.

The illuminating mirror is a perfect solution for a make-up, styling, hair removal or a shave zero defect and secure. Illuminated mirrors are available in several models. They will make your bathroom more modern and trendy. Adjustable spotlights, LED strips, lights … you can match your mirror to the rest of the lighting in your bathroom. A little extra glamor touch, it is possible to create a mood light (cold, hot or neutral).

The bathroom is a wet place. Therefore, any electrical installation must comply with safety standards rigorous and be placed according to the volume of the bathroom (floor height ceiling, area) to avoid any risk of electrocution. Illuminated mirrors must be at least IP44 CE compliant, which protects against moisture, dust and splashing water from any angle. The best is to hire professionals, rather than install the lighting yourself.

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