Practical Advice To Use Large Bathroom Mirror

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Bathroom Mirror Large Wall Mount

A mirror can make a world different to the perception of space in your bathroom. Large bathroom mirror reflects light and creates depth in the room, so it seems bigger. You can choose from many different types of mirrors for the bathroom. You can go for the latest trend, practical needs or aesthetic considerations – or a combination of these. We guide you through the various options and give you a number of practical advice so you can choose the right mirror for your bathroom.

A bathroom, especially the small ones, can get an optical boost from a large mirror. The shiny surfaces capture and reflect the light – and this creates more air in the room.  How high should the mirror hang? A good rule of thumb for positioning bathroom mirrors is that the center of the mirror must be at eye level of the lowest adult in the home.

If there is a big difference in height between the lowest and the highest adult in your home, it is a good idea to check if the tallest can see his entire face in the mirror. This takes into account that both low and high people can see themselves in the mirror without bowing or standing on their toes.

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