Proper Height Of Bathroom Mirror With Lights

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Vanity Mirror With Led Lights

Bathroom Mirror With Lights – There are many opinions out there regarding the recommended height to mount a bathroom lamp above a mirror. Then he brings to light some things to consider when assembling the luminaire. There are no hard and fast rules that exist regarding specific height regulations and restrictions.

Vanity lighting is important when it comes to getting the best view for grooming and safety. Generally, place the accessory 75 to 80 inches from the floor. Side lighting, flanking a mirror, should be slightly above eye level. Both types provide adequate lighting, free of shadows. Well-placed recessed or lighting can be installed in a ceiling or soffit over the mirror is a popular choice for modern bathrooms. Elegant and fashionable, lights offers a subtle beauty, as well as a practical option.

Save the lighting of the bathtub or shower and stick on side lights and lights on the vanity mirror. According to Susan Arnold of “This Old House” magazine, lighting creates shadows on a dressing area making it unsuitable for excellent preparation lights. Hang the luminaries high enough to not be in the way and low enough to provide light effectively. Turn off the switch before touching the wires. If you need a stool or ladder to reach the lights, make sure that the legs and feet are stable before climbing it.

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