Refinishing Ideas For Antique Iron Bed Frames

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The antique iron bed frames are a valuable investment. One must be careful to preserve. Iron has been used for bed frames from the mid-19th century until the First World War, each frame of the bed was made by hand. Iron has been popular for more than a century, as it is extremely durable. If you have an old iron bed frame that has seen better days, you can make it look like new with just a little bit of attention.

Go over rusted areas with a steel bristle brush, scrub vigorously to make the rust flakes. Sand the surface of the bed structure using medium grain sandpaper. Then, Aerosol in phosphoric acid. The phosphoric acid will focus on the oxide that has been lost or could not be reached and will turn it into an iron phosphate crust. Allow the acid to penetrate the surface of the bed structure for 24 hours to fully react. Use the steel bristle brush to remove the iron phosphate.

First, get the oil to the frame of the iron bed with a metal primer based on oil. Oil-based primers can be very messy. Paint the frame of the old bed with a paint based on metal oil. Black is the traditional choice, but you can choose any color. When selecting your paint, keep in mind that glossy finishes will be more durable than matte finishes. If you choose not to paint the bed frame, apply a coat of metal enamel.

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