Romantic Atmosphere Chandelier Candle Covers

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Brass Chandelier Candle Covers

Very easy to get, chandelier candle covers can create an intimate and romantic atmosphere. However, they can also be used for decorating different rooms in the house or for a special occasion. In the form of seashells or pineapple, with fig-grapefruit or ginger scents, pink or golden, each chooses its decorative candles according to its convenience. As for candles, they must also be light colors and can be placed in the corners of the room.

Another idea is to put the candles in height in the room of your choice. They can then be put in bottles or glass frames that will then be suspended from the ceiling. Be careful not to forget to put them in a container to prevent the wax destroying the furniture. Candles in suspended bottles

The bathroom does not stay out of the decorations made with candles. On the contrary, this is the room in which spending time after a long day is a real pleasure. To prolong the ecstasy, you can bring a touch of light and scents with cinnamon sticks decorating your candles. The candle can also be placed in Christmas balls, in cups, or other original and transparent objects. In this case, it will be necessary to favor the photophores .

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