Shadow Size Of The Arteriors Dallas Chandelier

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Small Dallas Chandelier

Arteriors Dallas Chandelier – While table lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, simple and classic charm of the chandelier lamp is used again and again by decorators and owners who want to emit a warm glow in a small space. Designed to mimic the look of a chandelier, these lamps can be high or low but are always slender. They often appear on buffet tables, side tables, in nurseries or other small spaces. Due to its thin shape, it is important to carefully consider proportion when choosing a curtain for a chandelier lamp.

Measure the height of the candlestick lamp, starting at the bottom and going to just below the socket. A rule of gold decoration is to select a tone that is about 2/3 as high as this measurement. A shadow that is higher will dominate the lamp, while one that is shorter will look pretty shabby and not hide the hardware of the lamp. Of course, you do not have to find a tone that exactly matches this number, but do not try to follow the 2/3 rule to a few inches.

Measure the width of the base of the lamp. Double this measurement to determine the lower width of the lamp shade. Test the lamp shadows in a store Make sure that the hardware in the shade will work with the hardware of the lamp. Place the shadow in the light of the manufacturer’s instructions. Set the lamp on the surface where it will be used and turn it on again.

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