Special Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Mirror

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18×24 Mirror Wood Frame Wood

If you are in love with the reclaimed wood bathroom mirror, you can either make sure that their size is sufficiently large or use the round mirror on the guest toilet, where the primary need is to be able to see the face in the mirror. The large wall-to-wall mirror is tailor-made for your bathroom and ensures you have all the mirror space you want. It is especially convenient when you live together, who need to mirror at the same time.

Single-piece mirrors can create a beautiful and inviting mirror wall. The large shiny surface is both exclusive and minimalist in its expression. A mirror with integrated light fields ensures good lighting and provides an exciting light effect in the bathroom. This solution is functional, stylish and simple at once. The light fields can be either horizontal or vertical depending on the size of the mirror and your taste.

When choosing a bathroom mirror with integrated light, choose one that is approved for wet rooms. Thereby you are sure that the mirror can withstand water splashes, so you avoid the risk of shock. This means that you can easily place the mirror close to the bath without any problems. All mirrors with light are safety approved.

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