The Best Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

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Bathroom Cabinets Colors

Bathroom mirror cabinet – What is the best light to light a mirror for the bathroom? For facial, make up, shave: many seek the optimal solution. The illuminating mirrors, very design are currently very fashionable. Why choose an illuminating mirror rather than a simple mirror? Illuminated mirrors are available in several models. They will make your bathroom more modern and trendy.

Adjustable spotlights, LED strips, lights … you can match your mirror to the rest of the lighting in your bathroom. A little extra glamor touch, it is possible to create a mood light (cold, hot or neutral). On the other hand, the mirror is at the heart of the bathroom, around which to organize the layout of the space: without a bath mirror properly lit, it is impossible to take care of yourself!

The experience gained in the professional make-up sector, for which a mirror with the correct light is indispensable, has enabled Cantoni to develop I-light, a system integrated into the mirror that faithfully recreates the color rendition and the sunlight. Light is not simply a technology of light but a sum of elements that, thanks to their balance, guarantee a perfect lighting, with a particular attention to the consumption of energy.

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