We Will Show You Some Of The Best Bathtub Chandelier

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Bathroom Chandeliers Glass

How to make the right choice when it comes to bathtub chandelier? In principle everything depends on the interior and type of the bathroom. The dimensions, the number of windows and the position are also very important. One can summarize by concluding that if the space is larger, the need for light is greater. First, consider the general lighting. In this case, the ceiling light or recessed spotlights are among the best options.

They give you enough light to do your hairstyle, makeup, shave or put on contact lenses. Pay attention to the mirror area! It must be well lit so as not to create shadow on the face, that is to say at least two light sources. As for ceiling lights and recessed spots, probably Leroy Merlin offers you the richest range. In the following images, we will show you some of the best-selling models of the brand.

Ceiling lights are the focus, as they are the most appropriate for general lighting. For additional lighting the LED spots will do the trick. Another good option is Light Side . The site is specialized in lighting, so the variants it offers you are really multiple. From simple bathroom sconces to mirrors with a light strip. You also have a large selection of manufacturers.

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